Artifical Intelligence and Workforce Adoption in Finance

Latest developments in the area of Robotics, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing can be considered as “narrow AI” compared to “general AI”.  General AI refers to computers/machines which are able to solve many different types of problems like humans can, for example a machine playing Go cannot play chess at all and vice versa. Narrow AI is defined as “a machine-based system designed to address a specific problem (such as playing Go or chess)” (Kiron 2017). General AI applications do currently not yet assist, or are not publicly known. It is expected that general AI will not be realized in the near future.

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Robotiseren leidt tot vernieuwde focus op de ‘customer’

Volgens Michael Treacy en Fred Wiersema is het hoofdzaak om de nummer één in de markt te zijn in Product leadership (product innovatie), Customer intimacy (klantaandacht) of Operational excellence (superieure operatie en uitvoering). Treacy en Wiersema pleiten voor het beheersen van alle drie de disciplines waarbij de organisatie dient te excelleren op één discipline[1] Lees verder